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PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) is an Indonesian incorporated company that engages in coal mining and sales for both domestic and international customers from various industrial sectors.

From our head office in Sangatta, East Kutai regency, East Borneo Province and our representative offices in Jakarta, Samarinda, and Balikpapan, KPC manages a mining area of 90,938 hectares. Supported by more than 5,200 employees and 21,500 personnel from contractors and associated companies, KPC production capacity reaches more than 50 million tonnes per year.

(Fixed Term Position)

Key elements of the position include:

• Monitor power generating process and conduct daily assessments of the relevant sections of shift operation reports.
• Alert Shift Superintendent of risks and problems and conduct investigations of problems identified.
• Support investigations with relevant flow sheets and data on equipment condition, operating conditions, and other factors extracted from power plant databases and from operations personnel or other sources.
• For short-term operational or safety problems, make recommendations to shift superintendent, supervisors and control room operators.
• For more significant problems which require modifications to plant or to operational or control strategies, submit written reports and discuss with Superintendent.
• Conduct special investigations with the objective of improving power generation or reducing costs, which may include trials of alternative processing equipment.
• Perform tasks delegated by superintendent related to power coordination and administration, direct and monitor power plant laboratory work activities in order to meet all generation and distribution targets and to ensure that all activities are carried out to the required.
• Promote and reinforce compliance with the KPC SOP, HSE rules and regulations among all employees.
• Monitor HSE aspects of projects activities.
• Provide feedback to plan and maintain optimum manning within operation group.
• Foster teamwork spirit and create a workplace culture among employees consistent with the KPC values.
• Provide feedback to Supt on applying the most optimum design, work method and material to maintain cost efficiency.
• Determine improvement target; find inefficiency root causes; determine and implement action plan; measure results; standardize; and continue the same process to other costly or inefficient programs using continuous improvement methods.

• S1 Degree in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or Physics.
• Minimum 3 years’ experience in Power Plant Operations.
• Sound problem solving and decision making competencies.
• Leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills to influence and deal with a diverse range of personnel.
• Sound project management competency.
• Financial skills to handle project and budget responsibilities.
• Excellent written and oral communication. Skills in both English and Indonesian, to liaise with internal and external contacts.

(Fixed Term Position)

Key elements of the position include:
• Assist Eng/Supv to do site measurement/survey for design purpose.
• Prepare several sketches of civil work plan to be selected and approved by superior. Finalize the approved detailed sketches to produce clear plan.
• Produce all stages of drawing required for preliminary design, tender, construction and post-construction in the area of civil works (earthworks, road and drainage) as well as building/project construction and maintenance.
• Calculate work volume from design to be reviewed by Eng/Supv.
• Make drawing as per standards (format, numbering).
• Assist to register and file drawing.

• Minimum Highschool (preferably Engineering/STM) with 7 years working experience, graduate with 5 years working experience as a draftsman.
• Able to operate Auto-CAD.
• Understand techniques of giving numbers and identification, and keeping designs/plans in accordance with KPC standard.
• Diligent, meticulous and patient.
• Well-developed written and oral communication skills, both in Bahasa Indonesia.

(Fixed Term Position)

Key elements of the position include:
• Develop safety training programme materials such as training aids, slides, hand-outs, etc. in order to optimise the effectiveness and consistency of the safety competency development programme.
• Deliver the safety training for KPC and Contractors employees in order to raise skill and competency levels.
• Demonstrate and encourage the acceptance and implementation of KPC’s HSE policies and HSE management system elements in daily training activities.
• Demonstrate during all training activities, high standards of safe practices and housekeeping. Act as a role model in implementation and conduct safety training in a manner which will encourage and motivate trainees to want to learn.
• Monitor trainee progress in learning during training sessions and provide appropriate feedback to ensure training objectives are being met.
• Prepare for training course delivery in a timely manner to ensure training resources and materials are ready, trainee hand-outs are printed, training room and computing equipment prepared and trainees confirmed to attend.
• Assess course participants to ensure that learning outcomes have been met. This includes ensuring that assessments are fully supervised, assessment test content and results remain confidential and ensuring that the practical testing process is controlled by maintaining high testing standards.
• Provide feedback on course content to the Superintendent to facilitate improvement to development programmes.
• Assist in the process of modifying training course materials (with the Superintendent’s approval) in order to raise content and delivery standards.
• Resource and/or develop appropriate safety training materials to support effective module delivery.
• Develop safety messages or themes from data provided as a result of incident investigations, safety risk profiles, high risk activities, or dangerous occurrences, so that an effective safety awareness program can be undertaken.
• Identify and select an appropriate communication medium to promote a specified safety messages across KPC operations.
• Conduct the safety awareness training programme for KPC and Contractors employees in order to raise the awareness of safe acts/behaviour at workplace.
• Monitor safety promotion progress within division and contractors to ensure they comply with the HSE policies and standards.
• Generate and publish in regular a high standard of safety alerts, fact sheets or such brochures across KPC to get a learning point of unsafe practices or incidents occurred.
• Liaise with printing companies and radio broadcaster regularly to determine the design and quality of safety promotion materials, and to negotiate all matters related to safety awareness materials issuances
• Assess communication mediums to ensure that safety messages/theme have been received and understood by all audiences.

• Minimum requirement for education levels is degree in Health & Safety Management with work experience in safety practices on coal mine industry 3 years.
• Excellent written and oral communication skills.
• Minimum level 6 English and higher for some areas according to the discipline
• Facilitation skills, presentation skill, and time management.
• Competent training skills gained through formal Train the Trainer training and on the job coaching/experience.
• Initiative and the ability to conduct a systematic assessment on the effectiveness of communication medium.

(Fixed Term Position)

Key elements of the position include:
• Develop learning outcomes from data provided as a result of training needs analysis conducted in the position’s particular discipline area.
• Develop lesson plans from a list of learning outcomes in order to provide a consistent approach to the delivery of a competency development programme.
• Deliver Off and/or On the job training for KPC employees in order to raise skill and competency levels.
• Conduct training in a manner which will encourage and motivate trainees to want to learn.
• Monitor trainee progress in learning during training sessions and provide appropriate feedback.
• Assess course participants to ensure that learning outcomes have been met.
• Record trainee attendance and assessment results accurately to ensure integrity of Alesco training data base and to provide accurate feedback to customers.
• Resource and/or develop appropriate training materials to support effective module delivery.
• Liaise with customers as required to provide information on training course and training administration, receive feedback on all matters related to training activities and to determine training needs.
• Maintain an awareness of one’s own career development needs and be proactive in the improvement of skills, knowledge and competencies required to further improvement one’s own performance.

• Minimum SLTA or STM on automotive or electrical with above 10 years’ experience in heavy equipment maintenance.
• Possessing experience as Maintenance Trainer or competency Assessor would be preferable.
• Computer literate and excellent skill in designing and developing training manual.
• Excellent organizing and time management skills.
• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills (oral & written) in both bahasa Indonesia and English.

(Fixed Term Position)
Key elements of the position include:
• Assist in implementing and improving the effectiveness of Environmental Management System (EMS) including Energy Management System (EnMS) across KPC and contractors.
• Ensure that all EMS and EnMS requirements are effectively planned and scheduled.
• Communicate EMS and EnMS requirements to all relevant operating managers/personnel.
• Confirming the level of effectiveness of the EMS and EnMS across the operation.
• Liaising with external consultants and auditors.
• Educate KPC employees to collaborate EMS and EnMS requirements into daily activities.
• Design, plan, exercise and supervise ISO 14001 EMS and ISO 50001 EnMS programs.
• Plan and control of sequential process on how the certificate of ISO 14001 can be maintained.
• Collect and identify legal and other requirements related to the ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 program. The legal requirements may include the following, but not limited to: Government Regulations; Presidential Decrees; Ministerial Decrees; BAPEDAL Decrees; Governor of East Kalimantan Decree; and Local Government Regulations. Other relevant requirements to the operation: Licences and relevant permits; any state or regional environmental planning or protection policies; voluntary requirements; industry codes of practice; industry guidelines; any formal agreements with government; and any other relevant orders or notices.
• Obtain, review and if it is necessary redefine the environmental objectives and targets of the Environmental Management System (EMS) and Energy Management System (EnMS) defined by the top management KPC related to the needs of the ISO 14001 and ISO 50001. The RKL may be the first source to start with the Environmental Objectives and define the targets and plan a program accordingly on how to achieve the defined targets.
• Identify and plan training needs concerning with the ISO 14001 EMS and ISO 50001 EnMS programs. The trainings should essentially reflect the conformance with KPC environmental policy and procedures and with the requirements of the international standards ISO 14001 EMS and ISO 50001 EnMS.
• Prepare material training and provide training to all level of management regarding EMS as scheduled in annual training program.
• Establish internal communication mechanism program for disseminating the ISO14001 and ISO 50001 programs. Establish and maintain procedures for internal communication between the various levels and functions of the organisation and receiving, documenting and responding to relevant communication from external interested parties.
• External Communication with: Regulatory Authorities – Ministry of Environment, Directorate General of Geology & Mineral Resources, Regional Mining Offices, Provincial Mining Office, BLH, etc., research and academic institutions, partners: relevant NGOs, Customers of Coal Sales, Shareholders, etc. Internal Communication: General issues on environment including environmental incidents and accidents; Planning and Monitoring issues. The organisation needs to ensure that the critical environmental issues are reported to top management in order to ensure that they are addressed.
• Carry out other tasks as required by the Manager HSES System and Management Representative (GM HSES).

• Tertiary qualifications in Environmental Science or Environmental Engineering.
• Minimum 3 years of experience in environmental field particularly with ISO 14001.
• Holding Lead Auditor ISO 14001 Certificate is a must.
• Holding Internal Auditor ISO 50001 Certificate is preferable.
• Holding a Pengawas Operational Pertama (POP) certificate is an advantage.
• Good command of Indonesian and English languages (written and oral).
• Computer skills, especially for spreadsheet and word processing applications.
• Good communication skills, ability to work in a team.
• Possess police and company driver’s license.

(Fixed Term Position)
Key elements of the position include:
• Lead development, implementation, and monitoring of Reliability Management program: Reliability Engineer under Mtce System will cover MSD and dept. beyond HTM & HEM; Reliability Engineer under HTM & HEM will cover each section under his/her department.
• Conduct Performance Monitoring of selected fleet and send their reports regularly.
• Conduct Reliability Analysis (RCM, RCA, FMEA, etc.) as required.
• Develop, implement, and monitor Maintenance Policy.
• Ensure KPI for Equipment Performance, Maintenance Process Performance, Financial Performance, and Equipment Safety Performance reported on certain interval.
• Coordinate with Maintenance Team to do Reliability Analysis and implement Maintenance Policy.
• Conduct FMEA for new failure mode.
• Prepare RCM Analysis and involve on it.
• Facilitate RCM Analysis if he/she already completed the RCM Facilitator training.
• Ensure Failure Mode in Ivara in line with Failure Component and Failure Mechanism in Ellipse.
• Conduct Component Life Evaluation (CLE), minimum once a year, when budgeting process on going.
• Submit FMEA Report.
• Submit Component Life Evaluation (CLE) Report.
• Produce Reliability Management KPI Report.
• Ensure RCM Analysis is “live”, and develop it to become trouble shooting guide.
• Provide and maintain Reliability Database (Ivara) and Failure Database.
• Link Reliability Database to Ellipse and Dispatch.
• Involve in reliability improvement initiative.
• Ensure Equipment Safety Performance conducted regularly.
• To look after projects of fabrication, construction and installation of mechanical related facilities (such as piping, pumps, tanks, towers). Including in this task is to produce cost estimation of each projects in detail.
• To look after civil and electrical projects, coordinate with and backed up by civil and electrical engineer or other associated and relevant parties.
• Communicate with users, maintainer and supplier of heavy equipment, mobile equipment, or other type of assets, to obtain detailed data and information to be used in the context of acquiring additional assets.
• Draft technical drawing and initiate technical investigation, including technical calculations, as reference to the mechanical projects.’

• S1 qualification in mechanical engineering from a reputable university with minimum 3 years’ experience.
• Has RCM Facilitator certification is preferable.
• Has understanding of equipment reliability. Experience on conducting Reliability Analysis.
• Able to operate computer software packages: Ellipse, Dispatch, MinVu, MS-Word, MS-Excel Advanced, MS-Access, MS-Power Point, Minitab.
• Advance statistic.
• Good communication (written and oral) skills in English (level 5) and Indonesian.

Please send your application with a comprehensive CV (include Salary Expectation) and a recent photograph, within 2 weeks after this advertising published with email address:

Superintendent Recruitment : Recruitment@kpc.co.id

PO BOX 620 Balikpapan 76106 Kalimantan Timur
Or Email: Recruitment@kpc.co.id

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for further selection