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Human Resources Management Development Programme (HRMDP) Our Human Resource Management Development Programme (HRMDP) provides an opportunity for Indonesian graduates to develop their skills and gain experience both in and out of the classroom. With the mentoring of our top coaches and seasoned HR practitioners, participants will learn through tailored training programmes and real-world projects, to gain a deeper understanding about human resource management that will be vital in moulding business strategies that can drive the company forward. 

Why Choose Us? 
Palm oil and agriculture play a significant role in Indonesia's economy –the country is a leading food producer in South East Asia, with agriculture providing livelihoods to some 40 million Indonesians. As one of the largest integrated palm-based consumer companies in Indonesia committed to sustainable palm oil production, we want to provide young Indonesian graduates access to the best environment for learning possible through our Graduate Programme, so that they will be ready to overcome future challenges in the agribusiness sector. 

Candidate Qualifications: 
We want talented individuals who have a passion to hone their career in the field of Human Resources. Interested parties must meet the following criteria: 
• Indonesian citizen; 
• Bachelor's degree from any major (minimum GPA 3.00/4.00); 
• Excellent English verbal and written communication skills (minimum TOEFL IBT score 90/PBT score 500, or IELTS score 6.0, or TOEIC score 600); 
• Fresh graduate or have a maximum of two years work experience; 
• Maximum age of 26 years at the start of the programme. 

Learning Journey 
The programme duration is for one year. 

Stage 1 - Foundation
Participants learn about the company—foundations, culture, and values that will help them to understand the Sinar Mas organisation. We will also enrich their knowledge of the palm oil industry and our integrated operations—from seed to shelf. 

Stage 2 - General Knowledge & Soft Skill 
The second stage of the journey will prepare the participants for real HR work experience. This stage includes learning about personal effectiveness, leadership and people management. They will also be introduced to the various functions within the HR division and learn the entire scope of HR processes in the organisation. 

Stage 3 - Technical Knowledge & Business Acumen
 At this stage, participants will learn about our business strategy and objectives, as well as HR's role as a business enabler. They will learn about our HR People Strategy and play a role in process improvement projects. 

Stage 4 - Deliverables
 The final stage enables participants to gain practical work experience in one of the Centre of Expertise (COE) functions in the HR division. They will be assigned to a role where they will work on projects and have the opportunity to implement their ideas. 

If you think you have what it takes, we want you on board. Write us to: