Lowongan Kerja Schlumberger Balikpapan Terbaru 2021 - LOWONGAN KERJA KALIMANTAN TIMUR TERBARU

Kamis, 20 Mei 2021

Lowongan Kerja Schlumberger Balikpapan Terbaru 2021

Lowongan Kerja  Schlumberger Balikpapan Tahun 2020
Lowongan Kerja Schlumberger Balikpapan Terbaru Tahun 2021

Schlumberger adalah sebuah perusahaan asal Amerika Serikat yang bergerak di sektor energi. Industri yang menjadi fokus utama Schlumberger adalah industri pertambangan dan minyak

Drilling Fluids Specialist
Balikpapan - Indonesia
Schlumberger Indonesia - Drilling Fluids Specialist

The Drilling Fluids Specialist is directly responsible for safely and efficiently managing wellsite operations relevant to the drilling fluids system. The candidate has an in-depth understanding of drilling fluids system chemistry, and is capable of properly testing and maintaining the properties of the drilling fluids system without supervision, and as per the customers’ requirements. The position reports to the field services manager.

Successful Drilling Fluids Specialists have an intermediate to advanced level of knowledge and are capable of making recommendations to address hole cleaning issues or lost circulation events, as well as managing the drilling fluids system during well control conditions. They have the skills required for complex drilling operations such as those encountered in deepwater. They have integrity and initiative, and are adaptable and responsible. With a professional work ethic they are self-motivated and service focused. They think creatively and are effective communicators. 

  • Complies with all company and regulatory Quality, HSE and IT standards and policies.
  • Wears all personal protective equipment as required.
  • Performs an appropriate risk analysis before each job.
  • Knows drilling rig types, rig components and rig component functions.Knows the properties of the mud and the effects of the products/systems on the mud chemistry.
  • Implements the drilling fluids program through collaboration with the project engineer.
  • Knows the solids control process and equipment, and can explain how recommendations will impact the drilling fluid properties or the efficiency of solids removal.
  • Makes recommendations to address different hole problems encountered in drilling operations.
  • Demonstrates an advanced level of proficiency in the use of hydraulics software.
  • Knows about the impact of particle size distribution, chemicals and contaminants on fluid loss.
  • Recognizes stuck pipe incidents and selects appropriate pipe release agents.
  • Identifies lost circulation symptoms and selects and applies appropriate remedial treatments.
  • Validates all critical data required to complete daily reports.
  • Ensures drilling fluids samples are collected, relevant tests are conducted and interprets results.
  • Ensures a complete recap is completed for each hole section through the end of the well.
  • Manages the material safety data sheet requirements for product shipments.
  • Monitors, reports, and maintains an accurate inventory of products at the wellsite.
  • Manages the wellsite test chemicals inventory, understands the importance of shelf-life and the ordering process for replacement test chemicals.
  • Bachelor or Diploma degree in any engineering major
  • Minimum 3 – 5 years experience as drilling fluid engineer
  • Proficient in Bahasa Indonesia and English
Please Apply Here https://bit.ly/2RtGnoI